With over twenty years of experience in the industry

NPTS specializes in all aspects of residential, home office, and small business computing environments.

From computer and network consulting to advanced administrative services such as technical training and back office support, NPTS provides a professional, personalized approach to any technical needs you may have.

NPTS is unique in the industry by offering free initial quotes, pro-rating billing at 20 minute increments (after the first hour), and offering a 100% guarantee on all work performed.

If the issue is not resolved, there will never be a bill for it. Simple as that.


NPTS is a highly diversified group, with strengths in many areas.

We specialize in the following solutions for residential, home office, and small business environments:

  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Domain Hosting
  • System Rebuilds
  • Web Maintenance
  • Network Security
  • Training & Education
  • Virus Eradication
  • Technical Consulting
  • Backup Solutions
  • Software Installation
  • Image/Photo Editing
  • ...and much more!
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    Our rates are extremely reasonable,

    simple by design, and initial quotes are always free. Time is pro-rated at 20 minute intervals after the first hour.

    Quote free free free
    Hardware $60/hr N/A $75/hr
    Software $60/hr $60/hr $75/hr
    Web Hosting $50/hr $50/hr $65/hr
    Training $40/hr $40/hr $55/hr
    Administrative $40/hr $40/hr $55/hr

    North Plains Technical Solutions is the answer

    Research other options and you will realize that NPTS is the best choice.

    Reasonable Rates

    Our rates are posted plainly on the website, in simple to understand consumer language. How many other tech companies do that?

    Everyone Loves Us

    We have a history of satisfied customers, and encourage you to contact them directly to get a first-hand, unbiased account of their experiences.

    Technically Trendy

    We pride ourselves on keeping current with the newest technologies, and are constantly evolving to fit customer needs.

    Flawless Communication

    We realize the importance of keeping the customer in touch with the process, and ensure the lines of communication are always flowing.

    Concise Billing

    Nobody likes to feel taken advantage of, which is the reason NPTS was originally created. Your invoices will always be accurate and easy to understand.

    Safe & Secure

    Customer data is backed up in duplicate, and kept confidential and secure with state-of-the-art encryption technology on a secure network.

    Don't put your next tech project off any longer

    Contact NPTS today and put your mind at ease